White Adhesive

Glue Pen

For making fine art with paper or fabric or for making crafts, White Adhesive Glue Pen is your ideal choice. The easy to hold pen allows you to draw fine lines of glue for precise adhesion. You can enhance your ability to create crafts of various shapes and sizes with our Glue Pen.

The nib of the tube allows for drawing fine lines of glue. The cap keeps the glue from drying up. The glue itself has high adhesion properties, durability and can withstand high temperatures.

We have three types of Glue Pens with varied quantities - 10gm, 22gm, 30gm.

Key Features: 

  • High-quality adhesive material - PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate)
  • Easy to use a design (even tiny hands can use the Pen)
  • Air-tight cap to keep the glue from drying up
  • Ideal for artwork, school projects, homes, and offices
  • Once applied, the glue dries quickly
  • Available in 10gm, 22gm, and 30gm tube
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White Adhesive Glue Pen