Sachdeva Industries is a leading manufacturer of Stationery based in New Delhi, India. We have been selling My Glue® White Adhesive for over two decades. On a mission to provide the Ultimate Adhesive in India & beyond, we have since expanded our offerings into My Glue® Stick, My Glue® Synthetic Gum,   My Glue® BOPP Tape, My Glue® Cello Tape, My Glue® Double Sided Tapes and other premium Tapes.

At Sachdeva Industries, we work towards providing absolute consumer satisfaction with a prime focus on quality and innovation. With a Sturdy Growing Network, our products are available across India.

Our passionate, diligent, creative and united team welcomes you to be a part of our My Glue® family and Stick with the Best!

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White Adhesive

Our white adhesives are popular among our clients. We offer PVA White Adhesives of various designs and utilities. They have special attributes like high binding strength, easy to use design, quick adhesion and long durability. We provide bulk order delivery service throughout India and various international destinations. We offer PVA white adhesives of various quantity - 20gm, 50gm, 100gm, 200gm, 500gm, 1kg and 5kg.

Synthetic Gum

My Glue Synthetic Gum is ideal for binding or sticking papers together. Our synthetic gum is the most sought after by school kids. The added fragrance in the gum gives it an extra attraction. It makes the task of papercraft fun and enjoyable. The synthetic gum we offer has high adhesiveness, dries quickly and is durable. We take bulk orders and deliver them on Tim throughout India and abroad.

We offer Synthetic Gum in various quantities - 20ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml.

BOPP Tapes

Biaxially Oriented Poly Propylene ( Bopp) Film Tapes is extensively used for packaging purposes. We are masters in manufacturing these necessary tapes. They are made to have high adhesion and waterproofing capabilities. They have high tensile strength. We offer various varieties of BOPP Tapes suitable for various purposes of our clients.

Double Side Tapes

Double-sided tapes have numerous industrial applications. The My Glue Double-Sided Tapes have a great adhesive property with high durability. They have excellent sticking action, resistant to heat and are tear-proof. We have 1-meter length tapes of various widths - 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, and 48mm. Our Double Sided Tape comes in a blister pack.

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